June 2015

June Contributor Question

Once a month we throw our contributors for a loop with different question about their lives in the outdoors. Here are their June responses.

Go Wild, Give Back

Volunteer to restore Colorado’s backcountry trails or natural ecology, share outdoor adventures or care for wildlife.

Whistlestop Wilderness

Best trip of the summer? Ride the Durango–Silverton train to access Chicago Basin and the Weminuche’s highest peaks.

Summer Fly Fishing

You won't find many people more passionate about their outdoor addiction in Colorado than fly anglers. The sport is an immersion - in the water, in the game of matching fly and drift to how the fish are feeding, in the intensity, in the thrill of setting the hook.


There’s plenty of untapped energy resources out on Colorado’s great eastern plains, but can it be extracted while preserving the subtle beauty of these grasslands?

Plan Your Next Wyoming Adventure

When we ask EO Readers where they go outside and play, of course Colorado...