We asked our canine-loving readers to send in photos of their adventure dogs and vote to determine the best pups. They (and their Humans) were all winners—here we give you the dogs who garnered the most internet votes.



“Jack is always down to explore, but he especially enjoys going fishing or playing in the snow,” says human Taylor Ahearn. “He’s loyal and always excited about our adventures, always interested in the fish we catch, and always wants to be around the action. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.”




“Gemma loves hiking and backpacking adventures up in the mountains (and being able to play in the snow practically year-round). She’s not particularly fast or strong, but she’s a rescue pup and always happy to be with her human. Seeing her tail wag after a grueling hike up to 13,000 feet makes me want to keep going—not for myself, but for her,” says human Tammy Kulpa.




“When we’re not exploring the Gore Range, Coto’s favorite adventures are chasing squirrels, birds and marmots and fly fishing. He watches the fly on the water until it is eaten and then will jump right in the water,” says human Scott Bellow. “No matter where we are he’s ready at the crack of dawn to watch sunrise and to go put in some miles. He always gets us out of bed. Coto goes to bed early and never complains. His ADD is probably his best trait. We never stop moving and he usually finds the next adventure off and on the trail.”

Coto Elevation Outdoors Print


These three may not have racked up the most votes online, but we liked these pups so much we just had to include them, too.


“T-Rex the Adventure Dog never did grow to love river trips, but tolerated them pretty well (river running is what we do:,” says human Eric Newell. “He did pretty well on long trail runs and short mountain bike rides. Mostly, our kids just loved playing with him, walking him and snuggling with him. Sadly, about a year after the photo was taken he was killed by an uninsured motorcyclist who was going double the speed limit and on the wrong side of the road. We had just moved into a new place about two weeks before the accident. When we buried T-Rex in the yard, our house became our home.”

T-Rex.Salmon_07_2006 132


“Sharky is a ham! She’s always up for adventure whether it means a hike in the snow or camping along the Colorado Trail,” says human Mirasol Moncada. “She’s most comfortable running free in the great outdoors and her enthusiasm for time in nature is contagious. She is a sweet and light-hearted spirit—a true blessing. She’s the absolute best company a human could ask for.”




“Maggie was diagnosed with mast cell cancer in January and while it has been difficult, the past few months have been a true blessing as we’ve had a chance to spoil her and enjoy her companionship,” says human Aurora Arlet. “Despite the cancer, she has kept energetic and happy. She reminds my husband and me that there is always something to be positive about, especially when it involves being outdoors.”

Maggie Original

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