Everybody loves seeing our canine companions seeking adventure in the wild with their best friends. So every year, we ask our readers to send in their favorite photos of those fun-seeking pups getting after it and ask you to vote for your favorites. Here are the top three according to ElevationOutdoors.com visitors, plus three more our editors fell in love with. Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted—and don’t forget, no matter what, you win when you get outside and play with your dog.



Human Companion: Anglea Kaiser

“Enzo is my lifelong companion, my heart dog.  He insists on following me wherever I go. He is amazing off-leash and we can go everywhere this way. We have recently moved home to Ohio, but up until then we used to spend time hiking in parks in the north Georgia mountains and in Florida, where I was a wildland firefighter and game warden. He also loves going to the local farmers’ market or anywhere he can get tons of attention from people.”



Human Companion: Lindsey frazier

“Gunner loves to run! He will normally win first dog at any running competition, when I can keep up. However, if I find someplace where he is allowed to run off leash, he’s in heaven—especially bouncing through the snow. We’re always looking for places we can go camping and hiking together. The very best thing about having an active dog for a companion is that they are always ready to go. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining or windy, Gunner won’t complain.”



Human Companion: Brian Zipler

“Silva is a rescue dog, so his past is a mystery, but he has been by my side exploring Colorado ever since I got him. He has climbed fourteeners, been my partner backcountry skiing and played in the Colorado Sand Dunes. However, if it were up to Silva we’d go to the lake every weekend to swim and chase birds. This year we’re going to try stand-up paddle boarding—that is, if I can keep him from knocking us off the paddle board to go swimming the entire time.”



Human Companion: Brian Lehman

“Buddy has unbridled enthusiasm! His mood ring always reads: ‘I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m totally in.’ He loves playing Frisbee anywhere, anytime—and if water is involved, his energy level hits 100-percent puppy.”


Human Companion: Susan Kranz

“Bacchus loves swimming. He especially enjoys chasing after fish that we catch and release. We don’t know what his life was like before we adopted him two years ago, but he appreciates the little things: a patch of particularly delicious grass, the lingering scent of a forest critter, a quick nap in the sun…”


Human Companion: Claire Little

“Eddie makes a great adventure companion because he sleeps on the car rides and he loves to cuddle at the end of a long, fun day. Bonus: At 25 pounds, he’s conveniently sized for travel. Our next big trip is a couple of days canoeing on the Green River.”