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We found the ultimate alpine lake fishing kit

Take the adventure

The distant sounds of metallic chimes lure me from a deep early-morning sleep. The sun isn’t quite above the Sangre de Cristos and I know for a fact it isn’t streaming through the backyard aspens quite yet. But, I also know the chimes mean one thing: there’s work to be done (and a hell of a good time to be had).

We’re beating the heat – on this anticipated 90-degree day in the high alpine valley we call home – the best way we know how; getting high into the San Juans. Alpine lake hopping is on the agenda and we have hungry fish to feed with enticing dry-dropper rigs. But first, we load the gear, get to the trailhead, and make our way up to 12,000 feet. 

We keep our snacks plentiful and our kit light, thanks to Tenkara Rod Co. gear. It’s ultra-packable and insanely capable. The aspens are applauding our efforts and the mosquitoes and flies indulge in a feast of a lifetime…a small price to pay for the day we’ll have. 

A couple hours later, as the mid-morning sun shines on our backs and a cool mountain breeze brushes our faces, we crest the final climb to visions of crimson beneath the surface of our fist lake. 

I can feel my heart race – not just from the climb, but from the mind-blowing beauty of it all and, without a doubt, the anticipation of what’s to come. 

We cool down with a quick dip, set up & start casting. 

It’s a near-religious experience when the first fish comes to hand. A life-list item checked off with such appreciation…there are almost no words.

Get the gear

Tenkara Rod Co. Everyday Mini Pack

The Tenkara Rod Co Everyday Mini Pack is for the ultimate minimalist angler. It’s perfect for everything from long hikes for alpine lakes/creeks to a grab and go option for quick post-work fishing fix. We’re able to fit a small box of flies, nippers and forceps, floatant, extra tippet and even a small snack bar. It really is the perfect bag for the angler on a mission.

Tenkara Rod Co Sawtooth Rod

For big water, the Sawtooth Rod is a no-brainer. It’s 12 feet in length when fully extended and 20 inches when collapsed. The length was fantastic for fish near to shore and the buttery action let us play the fish lightly to ensure a solid landing. If you’re new to tenkara, consider getting the full package, which includes everything you need to get on the water (rod, rod tube and sock to keep it safe while in transport; 13 ft furled Tenkara line, 3 tenkara flies, wood line holder, and 5x tippet; and lifetime warranty).

Tenkara Rod Co. White Cloud Rod

For smaller water, get this shorty! The White Cloud is 8 feet long (18 inches when collapsed) insanely smooth and we’ve fished it on creeks all over Colorado…with great success, I might add! It’s also a great rod for smaller anglers (i.e, kiddos!).

Tenkara Rod Co. Carbon Fiber Landing Net (Small)

Last but not least, the Tenkara Rod Co. Carbon Fiber Landing Net (in the small size). We love the lightweight nature of this net and the fact that it floats! It also has a wonderfully comfortable, rubberized handle. Side note though, while I personally don’t take this (or any) net on long treks, I do take it on easy-access waters – which includes several high country lake and plenty of rivers and creeks across Colorado.

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