Speed freaks and bike geeks start your engines…or better yet, carpool out to Erie, Thursday, September 29, 7 to 9 p.m., to check out the latest developments with the soon-to-be-built Boulder Valley Velodrome.

Meet at the Erie Community Center at 450 Powers St., in Erie (east of Boulder, but not past the highway so you’re still safe from the Real World).

Those of you who’ve called Denver/Boulder home for any length of time have seen numerous aborted attempts to construct a velodrome within reach of the northern metro area and the Boulder-Fort Collins megalopolis. Of all of them over the past 20 years, the BVV seems the one most likely (done deal?) to come to fruition. We’re on the cusp, people! Spearheaded by the town of Erie and Doug Emerson (visionary owner of University Bikes), the BVV will be a 250-meter track with 42-degree banking in the turns. Fat guys like me will crater; you will rock.

Come support a fantastic project. This will become a go-to spot for athletic kids and older never-even-were has-beens like my buddies and me. We’ve got the Valmont Bike Park and now let’s get this vel finished!