Rob Coppolillo

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Corona Lockdown in Chamonix — Week 1

Living and (not) working in Chamonix, France, during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Finally, We Live in France

And so it came, finally. After turning 50 in the Seattle airport, without fanfare, I survived the long SEA-CDG-GVA journey, stepped off the airport bus, and bam, there was Rebel, and it felt like we lived in France.

Master of None: Alpine Holiday Gift Guide!

OK, usually web copy like this makes me want to gut-punch the screen on my MacBook, but in the case of tasc, I’m telling you: ignore it, click through, spend money, thank yourself.

Planning for Another Svalbard Ski & Sail?!

During the hottest heat wave of the year, it's bizarro to be planning for another Svalbard Ski and Sail mission!

The Legendary Growler! May 24/25/26 — You’re Ready!

Crested Butte may get all the hype, but Hartman Rocks has just...

Tecnica’s Plasma/Forge Hiking Boots Custom Fit Your Foot

Italian-made footwear in the mountains, of course. You won’t find me rocking...