July-August 2013

Kickstart Your Expedition on Kickstarter

Want to fund your dream trip? It’s possible but you need to know what you are doing.

Editor’s Letter: Love in the Wild

If you want to know if you should spend the rest of your life with someone, spend some time alone in the wild with them.

Sit on This: Inverted Fall Harness Test

Have you ever wondered what your harness can endure on an inverted fall?

Cheap Thrills: Inexpensive Colorado Adventure

How to make the most of a long, hot Colorado summer without a trust fund.

Kids Run Wild: Let Them Be Eaten By Bears

Talking with Peter Brown Hoffmeister about freedom in the outdoors.

Colorado Native Brew Guide 2013

The Elevation Outdoors Colorado Native Brew Guide 2013 is your guide to beer and spirits made and manufactured in Colorado.