Buddy and co-candidate Mike Arnold belaying above the road, at the base of the standard route, on Frankenstein Cliff

North Conway, New Hampshire! Finally we’re here and our AMGA ice-instructor course starts tomorrow. Shelves are stocked, tools are (kinda) sharp, and we got in a few pitches today up at Frankenstein Cliff, north of town.

Tomorrow the instructors, Marc Chauvin, Art Mooney, and Silas Rossi will cover fundamentals like anchors, guiding strategies on waterfall ice, and movement/coaching. The weather’s holding for the first couple days, but mid-week we may have highs in the teens during the day. Ouch!

Chris Burk

Chris Burk, co-candidate and Boulderite, leading the final pitch of the standard route

I’ll try to shoot pics and relay a bit of what we’re doing. We got to see Josh Wharton, Peter Doucette, and Silas Rossi give their slide shows at the New Hampshire Ice Fest last night, which was cool. All impressive, all nice guys.

Now: bed!