There are goggles in there

For 20 bucks, they make a pretty good holiday gift: Gheek goggle protectors claim to be smarter and in my limited experience with them so far, they sure seem to be. Gheeks are a durable, neoprene cover for any goggle’s exterior lens, with a microfiber cloth attached for wiping and protecting the interior lens. They also allow you to wear goggles up on your helmet (or head, I guess) with the lenses covered by the neoprene protector–pretty cool. They come in a variety of patterns and I opted for the Colorado flag.

I typically don’t use goggles unless the wind is really howling or the snow is super deep. That said, I have them stashed in my pack most of the winter days I’m in the mountains. With as many pointy, sharp things as I have out climbing and skiing, it’s nice to rely on a thicker cover for the front goggle lens than just a cotton sack. The neoprene cover on the Gheeks stays secured by two barrette-like clips that affix to your goggle straps. To protect the interior lens, a microfiber cloth folds down and tucks into the goggles.

The gray, microfiber cloth tucks inside the goggles, protecting the interior lens and doubling as a wipe for smudges and moisture.

I’ve carried the Gheeks and my goggles about five or six days in the hills so far, and with our mild weather I haven’t had to use my goggles a bit–but the Gheeks have performed well, covering my lenses and staying put. So far, so good! Check out the website to see all the patterns. There’s everything from plain, understated ones, to goofy styles that would be perfect for kids.

Gheeks is based in Driggs, Idaho, in the shadow of the Tetons. Give ’em a look!