Well, this may be my last post here on “Master of None”…for reasons you may understand shortly.

When I took this gig, I made efforts to establish firm, clear boundaries about the content of my blogs. In the end the Editors and I agreed upon “anything”, including a few activities and subjects specifically outlined in a detailed email. Said email I have saved for expected, upcoming legal proceedings.

Perhaps a few of you have followed my trip to Whitecap Alpine (WhitecapAlpine.ca) hut in Canada. It was a great week and I learned a ton from my tour-mates and our guide, Colin Zacharias. Colin may as well be the Yoda of ski-guiding, perhaps the Rain Man of the avalanche world. He may also be an examiner on future guide courses of mine…so I was careful to set an impeccable example this week and only conduct myself in a most professional manner.

That said, for one of our final runs I pulled out all the stops in an effort to really set the bar high for future guests and students at Whitecap. The following video snippet constitutes a first at Whitecap and a first with Colin. There are several minutes more, but I’ll only post one tiny segment. The contents should be self-evident. Anyone hoping to see the complete, unedited cut can email me or drop a comment.

Thanks to everyone at Whitecap, Backcountry Access (BackcountryAccess.com), my girl (Rebel!), and all my friends for the fun.


The teaser…