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Rogue Honey Kolsch

As we slide into the hottest part of the year now is the time to reach for something different, something out of the ordinary. That’s when it’s time to look towards the Pacific Northwest, and one of the pioneers of the craft brew movement, Rogue Brewing Company. Founded in 1988 on the coast of Oregon, the brewers at Rogue have always made it a point to challenge the status quo, and create excellent beers.

download (1)With a motto on each bottle that states, “Dedicated to the Rouge in each of us” they can be counted on for something different. I can remember the first time I got my hand on a bomber of Dead Guy Ale while working in Alaska. It transformed the way I viewed beer. No longer would I be happy with the Bud Light’s and Lowenbrau’s of my youth. There was something better out there. I am sure that my experience has been shared by many upon cracking their first beer from the fine folks at Rogue.

With painted labels that often feature past, and present rebels, that they have come to know in their brewpub over the decades, your eyes are often drawn to their beers when scanning liquor store shelves. Such was my experience last week when I found myself looking at the hundreds of bombers presenting a cacophony of color in Hazels. I had just finished working in the yard and was looking for some flavorful refreshment. Something to off set the temperature outside hovering near the mid 90’s.

The bright yellow bottle with an upturned fist clenching a stalk of hops caught my eye. I would recognize the logo of Rogue anywhere. That it was advertising a bottle of Honey Kolsch was even better. A style of beer that has been around since the mid-nineteenth century when Germans started making it for summer enjoyment only added to my anticipation.

Infused with the essence of natural honey it immediately reminded me of the delicate flavors skilled brewers can tease to the surface. A crisp, light beer with just a hint of sweetness it immediately offered much needed refreshment. The slight hit of hops was perfectly balanced. At only 5.9% ABV I was able to enjoy all 22oz of my bomber without fear of getting soused, all in all an excellent beer for the season.

So, if you are looking at a day of working in the yard, or helping rebuild trails make sure you grab a bottle of Rogue Honey Kolsch to have cold when you finish.


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