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Chapter 3 of Ghost Resorts – an original blackcrows ski film, now available

Mixing Japanese skiing history with powder stoke, chapter three of the blackcrows film series “The Ghost Resorts” is a 10-minute short film that captures the essence of Japan’s skiing culture, taking viewers on a mesmerizing journey through slopes frozen in the 1990s, now eerily deserted.

“For blackcrows the Ghost Resorts series is an exploration of the ski culture, of a heritage, a golden age, those places where there was life, that have closed, but where skiing still remains,” says Camille Jaccoux, co-founder, blackcrows. Against the backdrop of the Kansai mountains on the main island of Honshu, Celeste Pomerantz and Daisuke Fukasawa revel in the exceptional powder, once again establishing Japan as a premier skiing destination. The cinematic experience is heightened by the contrast between archive images and the newfound silence of the mountains, creating a poignant narrative of romantic nostalgia and mystery. 

In addition to the film release, blackcrows is launching a limited edition capsule featuring a pair of Ghost Resort Draco Freebird, Ghost Resort Duos Freebird Poles and Ghost Resort Dorsa 27 X-Pac Backpack. The Ghost Resort Draco Freebird, the most powerful blackcrows touring ski, the Ghost Resort Dorsa 27 X-Pac Backpack, further lightened for this collection with a new X-pac fabric and the Ghost Resort Duos Freebird Poles, also improved for this occasion with a strengthened second tube in aluminum alloy carbon 7075, make up this supernaturally designed capsule.

To view prior episodes – “Chapter 1: Ski Rio” and Chapter 2: Chapter Two: the Fortress ghosts” – visit

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