Rachel Walker

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After a 300-pound boulder shattered his leg, Dave Mackey—one of the world’s elite long-distance, off-road runners—had to work hard to learn how to recalibrate to his new life and return to the sport with a prosthetic limb.Now, the 48-year-old is on track to reclaim the joys of running again.

The Swagger Wagon

How one adventurer learned to love the minivan.

Outdoor D-Bags

No, we are not talking about “dirt” bags here. In the outdoors, as in life, you will encounter personalities that rub you the wrong way, offend you, repel you and even cause you to reconsider every life choice you’ve ever made. It’s time to meet the worst people in the outdoor world.

Road to Hell: Will I-70 Traffic Get Better Before...

The mind-boggling traffic of Interstate 70 can keep Front Rangers from enjoying the mountains. Is it going to get better? Or worse?

The Road: Discovering Yourself in the Teton Backcountry

I had high expectations for our trip. I hoped it would change everything.