Patty Malesh

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Can You Hear The Music

The Colorado Sound is not just a radio station—it’s a growing community of musicians and listeners dedicated to showcasing local artists.

Hear This: Deeper Focus

Colorado music photographer Lisa Siciliano shifted the paradigm as a woman in the business who shoots on black-and-white film—she still works in that medium, just for the art of it.

Hear This: Real Deals

Want to hear music the way musicians want to play it? Head to these seven mountain-town venues where the beer is cold, the cover’s cheap, the crowd’s rowdy and the band is hot.

Hear This: Celluloid Heroes

The Boulder International Film Festival pairs up-and-coming singer songwriters with talented young directors, making it an ideal venue for listening to new music.

Hear This: Dance Revolution

A dedicated group of Colorado DJs and promoters are hosting dance parties with an inclusive vibe that put the focus on getting down rather than raking in cash.

Welcome to Beat Street

The Music District in Fort Collins is a creative-space community that may just change the future of the music industry.