Jayme Moye

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“The Moment”: El Cap with Hans Florine

On September 12th, I topped out on The Nose in Yosemite National Park with...

Run the Green River—On a SUP

DVK Expeditions launches the first-ever multi-day river SUP trip.

Funny Shit in the Woods

EO contributor and Denver-based author Brendan Leonard releases new book, Funny Shit in the Woods.

Build It And They Will Come

Jed Sebly wanted to live in the perfect river town, so he built it himself.

Sole of Travel

There are ski vacations, cycling vacations and scuba diving vacations. Why not running vacations?

Hear Me Roar

Greenhouse gases have one of the planet’s most charismatic megafauna in serious danger. The more people who see this sad fact in person, the more people care. But can “Conservation Travel” save the polar bear?