A New Deputy in Town–Brian Lazar

03 Oct 10
A New Deputy in Town--Brian Lazar

Backcountry enthusiasts rejoice, for there is a new deputy in town…and he is worthy. Brian Lazar assumes the title of Assistant Director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center in October. He’s working out the details of continuing in some form his gig with Stratus Consulting, where he has been a senior scientist. He’s also the Executive Director of the American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education. Hello, Mr. Overachiever!

As you might imagine looking at the photo above, Brian also had a promising career as a male lingerie model…but when a horrific cycling accident closed the door on that opportunity, he pursued a masters in snow hydrology at the University of Colorado. He’s also been a ski and alpine guide in the American West and in South America. This past summer he guided his first mountain biking tour in Peru. In short, Brian is a renaissance man…and we are the lucky beneficiaries because he’ll be helping issue forecasts while at the CAIC, in addition to his administrative duties.

Most of you check the CAIC site when headed into the backcountry, and I hope you all join/donate to the cause! If not, click on the CAIC link and join for the year–it’s an invaluable service that saves lives.

So, congrats Brian and thanks for fighting the good fight! I’d like to personally express my regret regarding your cycling crash and modeling career, but hey…your loss is our gain. Welcome to the CAIC and here’s to a great ski season!

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