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Reel Rock 9 World Premiere A Success

The Golden Age, from 1955 to 1970, presents the valley as an unspoiled gem that was calling to a generation fueled to follow a different pathway than the one offered by Leave it to Beaver and Father knows Best. These were youth driven by the beat generation, Kerouac, and a love of outdoor adventure; seeing the vintage footage of the wholesome fifties and sixties made me realize how boring it must have been, no wonder the cultural revolution of the late sixties happened, but I digress.
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Nedhed Dirtclub Video

At the risk of blowing the best-kept secret in the Front Range, we send a former Nederland resident back to his old stomping grounds to uncover the truth about the riding scene, local politics, all those hidden trails and what the future has in store for a community that still rides for the joy of suffering.