3 Skills You Need to Execute Your Next Backcountry Ski Mission

Skill #1: Tour Planning

Get your buddies together, get a 6 pack and make a plan with Beacon Guidebooks. Spend time studying slopes that are appropriate for the weather, the avalanche danger rating and the group’s abilities. Survey your options using tools like the Backcountry Ski Map Series, Off-Piste Ski Atlas Series, and the Rakkup app. The waterproof maps work well for seeing the big picture and planning routes, the spiral bound atlas contains aerial photos of each zone, and Rakkup packs all of that, and more, onto your device, plus off-line navigation. These professionally written and reviewed products all feature trailheads, route descriptions, parking, winter closures and snowmobile access info. All of these elements are made to assist you in getting through the tour you’ve planned. Once at the trailhead, you will be one step ahead of the game by having studied where you need to go.

Skill #2: Terrain Management

Terrain management is an indispensable skill when it comes to backcountry touring. Knowing which slopes are avalanche terrain, which have terrain traps and where safe regrouping spots are is essential to a successful tour. On the other side of the spectrum, going into a tour without having previously studied the terrain is dangerous as well as foolish. Maps, apps and books allow you to inspect terrain without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Skill #3: Route Finding

It shouldn’t need to be said that you should not try to execute your mission without knowing where you are. Going into the backcountry without a proper topo map is inviting disaster. Whether it is on your phone or a paper copy, you need to know how to get to your predetermined location AND back to the trailhead. Check out the app Rakkup to download a digital backcountry skiing guidebook. This has a GPS feature, route descriptions exit beta and more.

The Beacon Guidebooks Backcountry Ski Map Series covers the following zones: Loveland Pass, Crested Butte, Silverton and Snoqualmie Pass.

The Rakkup app has digital books for Berthoud Pass, Silverton, Crested Butte, Loveland Pass, Mt. Baker, Crystal Mountain and Snoqualmie Pass.

Beacon Guidebooks also offers spiral bound guidebooks for Berthoud Pass, Silverton, Crested Butte, Uphill Skiing and Light Tours of Colorado, Mt. Baker, Crystal Mountain and Snoqualmie Pass.

Go to www.beaconguidebooks.com or download the Rakkup app to shop.

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