The hottest Alpine, AT and Snowboard drivers

Blizzard Slider

It’s not exactly a binding, rather a plate that fits on Blizzard’s IQ skis, but, man, is it a game changer. The slider will mount any binding—alpine, AT, or tele—to the ski. Want to switch styles? Simply unscrew in one spot and slide the binding out. Now that is what we call versatility.

Scarpa Mobe
The Mobe is the ideal AT boot for Colorado skiers who have a pass but like to pop out gates or tour when the area is skied out. It feels like an alpine boot, powering big skis through turns. And ski easy—it’s built from plant-based plastic.

Ride Insano
A Boa Coiler and Closer lace guide system makes this boot feel like part of your foot, allowing for more control on the hill. That easy adjustment translates into efficiency whether you are laying into hardpack or looking for pop in the park.

G3 Onyx
G3 revamped its AT binding for this season and the results have been quite impressive. The binding drives even big skis with authority and is both stable and easy to enter thanks to a rubber insert in the toe piece. G3 redesigned the brakes and heel lifters to make a more solid package. We also found it simple to switch the binding from ski to tour mode. The women’s version is called the Ruby.

Tecnica Dragon Slayer
This alpine boot is all about adjustment that can change the ride whether you are attacking deep pow or hardpack. It’s a powerful boot built with three densities of plastic for different flex within different parts of the boot. Better still, the boot’s UltraFlex Powerstrap offers shock absorption when the terrain changes underfoot.

Salomon Quest 12
You know AT has hit the big time when a core alpine freeski company like Salomon gets in the game. And the Quest is one impressive AT boot.  It was designed to be able to handle the slog of touring yet it’s still rated with a 120 flex index. You won’t feel much difference between it and your usual alpine boot on the hill.

Lange RS 130
Skiers used to joke about the weird narrow “Lange foot” and how the vice-like boots only fit skiers with narrow dogs. No longer. Lange spent years testing a boot shell that would conform to any size foot. This 130-flex-index boot proves that research was worthwhile.

Burton C60 EST
The latest, greatest in Burton’s plush EST system, this binding was designed to suck up all the chatter and turn it into a smooth, in-control ride. The key is the soft plate where binding attaches to the board and a lack of the usual (and often frustrating) mounting screws. The system also allows for multiple stance optons. However, it only works with EST boards.