January 2013 Shorts

“You don’t necessarily have to take on the whole world to make the world a better place. You have to think about what’s important to you as a person. I’m a fighter, I’ve always been a fighter and I’m not going to go down easy on this one..”

—Pro skier and climate change activist Alison Gannet, in response to the fact that her 75-acre farm in Paonia, Colorado is adjacent to an area that has been nominated for fracking. Filmmaker Alexandria Bombach tells the tale, the third in the MoveShake Story series by Red Reel. See the short film below

Alison Gannett, A MoveShake Story from RED REEL on Vimeo.

In October, USA Today named Denver the #2 Best Beer City in the World, after Munich. Denver brews more beer than any other city on the planet and the number of craft breweries in the city doubled this year.

Lyons’ local booze with a conscience

A new wood plaque in Lyons reads: “Whiskey from Colorful Colorado.” That sign marks the town’s first craft distillery, Spirit Hound Distillers, which opened on December 1. Co-founded by four Lyons residents, including two former Oskar Blues employees, the distillery currently produces vodka, gin, a coffee liqueur called Richardo’s and four vodka infusions. An American straight whisky, which will eventually become the distillery’s flagship offering after it’s been aged for the pre-requisite two years or longer, was being barreled at press time. The distillery is committed to using local ingredients whenever possible, regardless of the profit margin. Many of their botanicals come from the farm across the street, and the malt for the whiskey comes from a family in Alamosa who has been growing barley for three generations. “We’re not here to take over the world,” says says Director of Distilling Craig Engelhorn. “We just have an appreciation for things that taste really, really good, and we want to bring that to the market.” spirithounds.com.

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