Last year’s revealing incident on the lift at Vail was not a one-time event

Unless you lived in a snowcave or otherwise went media-free last winter, you likely saw the picture of the poor anonymous soul caught with his pants down last New Year’s Day on the Skyline Express chairlift at Vail. While the company released a statement saying that the 48-year-old man was “suspended for approximately seven minutes” and “rescued without injury,” a photo of the incident, which was caused by the seat not being lowered, quickly whirled around the Web, costing off-duty Sharpshooters photographer Marty Odom his job for publishing it.

Thanks to our own crack investigative team, we’ve now learned that Odom’s photo might not be so unique after all. Other resorts, it seems, have also seen the em-bare-ass-ing malady rear its head. Witness the following photos unearthed at another popular resort in the Rockies. Don’t get caught with your pants down.

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