It didn’t start that way. I didn’t book a flight to Iceland and rent a car for two weeks to chase the Northern Lights, but after five days in the country, and four spectacular sightings, I was consumed by them — checking the weather forecast periodically and seeking out small towns with low light pollution (and a campsite with a working shower) to post up with my tripod and camera for the night. During the day, I would drive from town to town, through waterfall-lined cliffs and sprawling fjords full of seals and whales, and so much life — stopping to warm up with hot coffee in a local cafe and to take in the powerful natural beauty of it all. In the place I least expected to find them, a quiet, small town in the Western Fjords, they appeared, and put on a show across the night sky. Dark purple melted into green, accented by shades of blue and pink. It was like nothing I had ever seen. So I sat in the cold for hours, staring at the always-changing night sky, too afraid to sleep for fear that I’d miss it all.

Photo Location: Hólmavík, Iceland

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