October 2016

The Trail: Monument Canyon

Need a shot of desert when things cool down? Download the free ViewRanger app and coordinates and bask in this classic backpacking trip.

Straight Talk with Eric Larsen

A new book by the Colorado-based polar adventurer documents what may be the last ski trip to the North Pole—before It melts away.

Outdoor D-Bags

No, we are not talking about “dirt” bags here. In the outdoors, as in life, you will encounter personalities that rub you the wrong way, offend you, repel you and even cause you to reconsider every life choice you’ve ever made. It’s time to meet the worst people in the outdoor world.

Hot Spot: Taos is Calling

If you make one ski road trip this winter, head south to the Land of Enchantment and the steeps, deeps, beer, art and ever endearing funk of Taos, New Mexico.

The October Issue of Elevation Outdoors is Live!

The October Issue of Elevation Outdoors is Live!