November 2018

Local Hero: Arthur Bremner

This recent CU graduate is volunteering in local hospitals as he motorcycles across the Western Hemisphere.

Direct Dose

IV therapy can be a quick and easy way to receive a physical boost.

Future Vision

Remembering the legacy of Adventure Film Festival founder Jonny Copp and seeking out new legends at the annual gathering.

Over the Mountain There Are More Mountains

A week bikepacking the Colorado Trail brings moments of joy, lots of tears—and countless miles of pushing the bike.

The Funhog of Fabrication

Sculptor John Wenner’s high-pivot design stands to disrupt the cycling industry—but his innovative thinking all stems from a punk-rock, fun-first mindset.

Hot Spot: Frozen Paradise

Pack the ice tools, the touring skis and the fat bike, and point it to Lake City, Colorado. This surprising little town is full of adventure and free of crowds.