IV therapy can be a quick and easy way to receive a physical boost. The Fluid IV Lounge is now open in the Creative District of Downtown Longmont. The facility offers a variety of different treatments, including a Sports Performance and Recovery “cocktail” of vitamins and nutrients, along with glycine, arginine, methionine, taurine and glutathione.

Outdoor PR pro, Scott Kaier started the business with his fiancé, Dr. Noel Love. Kaier says some people may be absorbing only 10 percent of the nutrients found in food, with an average falling somewhere between 50 and 60 percent.

“IV therapy can provide a wide range of benefits, from athletic performance and general wellness to immune system boosting and cold and flu recovery,” explains Kaier. “It can even help with a hangover. We were both attracted to the opportunity to help people feel and perform their best.” fluidivlounge.com