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Trace Tracker

Stick the Trace to your skis, snowboard, surfboard or whatever you’re riding and sync it with your GoPro camera. The internal sensors will keep track of your every rad move, including counting the number of flips or whatever it is  you’re hucking yourself into. Upload the data and video and they’ll send an edited reel back of your best moves. $200;

Gear We Love

EC Specter Compression Cube Set green

Eagle Creek Compression Cube

Travellers rejoyce. You haven’t been overpacking, you just haven’t been using the right tools to fit all you need in that pack. Fill the Compression Cube then zip it smaller. Boom, packing woes averted.
$38 (for 2);



The God of Skiing

Longtime EO editor-at-large and Elwayville columnist Peter Kray has penned the best compulsive reading you will pick up this year. This book is a novel on the outside, the story of a reckless ski-racing legend gone missing, but, in reality, it’s a romp into the depth of ski culture—touching on everything from Bill Briggs and the Tetons, to philosophizing French Canadians, to dogs, to the mystical beauty of the turn itself. $14;

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