March 2015

From Hi-Tech to Hardcore

Are you ready to ditch that desk bound hi-tech office job for a world bound gig owning a guide service? Dave Harris did.

Skins in the Game

Uphill skiing is the best way to enjoy Colorado snow come spring. Here we give you the best places to head up and out whether you are at your favorite resort or gunning for the top of the state.

Deep Discoveries

Download the free ViewRanger app and GPS coordinates and explore the canyons and cliff dwellings of Utah’s Cedar Mesa and Grand Gulch.

Adventure Jams

Hit the road and get out in the wild for these musical happenings that take place far from the maddening crowds.

Return to Bushcraft

Lashing logs together gives our senior editor a bit of nostalgia while following a canoe adventure around Mt. Katahdin in Maine just as Thoreau did over 150 years ago.

Reaching the Heights of Machu Picchu

One backpacker decided that the perfect high school graduation gift for his nephews was a hike to the lost city of the Incas. Here’s how you can do the same.