January-February 2013

Slednecks vs. Lungbusters

Is it cool to access your backcountry powder via snowmobile? We asked our readers and they were split right down the middle.

Thinking it Through

Your brain is the best tool you can carry into avalanche terrain. But do you know how to use it?

January 2013 Shorts

A few quick stories including fracking, beer, and more.

Kid Stuff

At 5 and 8, my children are starting to get to the age when they can really join us on adventures.

Get Your Fix.

When the snow offerings are meager at the resort and you are tired of spending hours earning a few turns, one thing is sure to deliver: the cat trip.

Far More Than Doing Donuts

What do the top drivers in drifting, rally and most every form of road racing have in common? They train on ice and snow.