January 2018

Colorado Badasses

These gritty, determined Colorado athletes raised the bar for everyone over the last year. But it was not just physical feats that got our attention. Read on to see what it takes to pull off the top athletic achievements in the state and be named to Elevation Outdoors' roster of biggest badasses out there.

The Road: The Big Reboot

The 10th Mountain Division’s return to Colorado aims to renew the deep ties between soldiers and skiers.

Straight Talk: Andrew Woods

The head coach of the U.S. Freeski Halfpipe Team tells us what to watch in the Olympics and how resorts can grow the often misunderstood sport.

No Ice, No Problem

Once a bizarre niche sport, dry-tooling—using ice tools on nothing but bare rock—is gaining in popularity.

Numerology: Medal Count

We sought out these odd and interesting facts and figures about the Winter Olympics and Colorado in preparation for this year’s games in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Elwayville: This Golden Moment

The U.S. ski team has become a powerhouse and a favorite to bring home a full haul of medals from Korea. But a roster of legendary skiers got us here.