April 2018

Arkansas Valley Singletrack

Think you’ve ridden it all? Put your tires to the dirt on new singletrack in Salida and Buena Vista this weekend.

Straight Talk: Cat Bradley

The ultrarunner who set a speed record in the Grand Canyon talks about her evolution as an athlete.

Better Weather Beers

As balmy temps return to the Rocky Mountains, the time is now to search out fresh new brews to pack along on your outdoor adventures. Here, we introduce you to four craft concoctions that pair perfectly with spring weather.

Starting From Skratch

How a preeminent sports scientist built a brand based on authentic values out of the ashes of cycling's doping scandal.

Numerology: Inhale…Exhale

You do it over 23,000 times per day, but how much do you really know about breathing? Dig into these numbers that will tell you more about how your respiratory organs get the job done out on the trail, in the water and on your bike.

An Ass For Every Saddle

A guide to figuring out which is the best for yours.