Kylmit uses the compressed gas argon due to its moisture free insulating properties in its vests and sleeping pads. Argon has low thermal connectivity, is 3 X more insulating than air and is eco friendly.

Argon — “Argon (pronounced /ˈɑrɡɒn/) is a chemical element represented by the symbol Ar. Argon has atomic number 18 and is the third element in group 18 of the periodic table (noble gases).” Wiki

Argon is commonly used between two or three panel windows due to its insulating properties.

Thus, the argon vest ($200-$225) and sleeping pad ($100) are lightweight and highly functional. The vest is inflatable (inflate it less or more depending on conditions) and extremely warm and compressible. The Kylmit  vest offers the same warmth found in a 900 down filled vest when fully inflated. A pack of 4 argon refills costs $30 and provides enough compressed gas to last a long, cold season.

The Klymit sleeping pad can be filled by blowing into the valve, or, for colder nights, you can use argon tanks to keep the warmth up. Or you can mix air with argon. The Kymit sleeping pads fill quickly (4-5 breaths) and uses complex baffles to keep your body lined up on the pad.