Winter–Spring Gear Jamboree: 15 items to help you get through it all

Here it is. Here’s the gear. The stuff to keep you looking good while surviving the work-from-home-pocalypse and the occasional camping trip between Zoom meetings. From a comfy hoodie made out of coffee grounds and shoes made out of sugarcane, to a 32-oz. French press for making coffee round the fire, here are some tranquilo gear ideas for 2021.

The author pours from a BruTek 32oz. camping French Press while wearing a California Cowboy High Sierra Shirt and Kane Revive Slip-On shoes. Photo by Noah Katz.

Planetary Design BruTrek French Press w/ Bru-Stop ($60–70) comes in 32oz and 48oz family/group size capacities. These burly, bulletproof presses are insulated so they keep the coffee hot all morning, and they feature something called Bru-Stop technology which helps “to avoid the bitter taste of over-brewing.” They’re made by Planetary Design, a Montana-based company that specializes in coffee and tea brewing equipment and accessories.  

California Cowboy High Sierra Shirt ($148, pictured above) is a Dad’s dream come true. More practical for car camping or porch-sitting than the backcountry, this shirt is made of “luxury flannel” from Japan and Portugal with a textured thermal lining and an array of unassuming pockets and loops for phone, bottle opener, pen, sunglasses, and even an insulated pocket for a cold beverage. 

Kane Revive Slip-On Shoes ($65, pictured above) arrived on my doorstep on the same day my doctor said the pain in my heel was a possible bone spur. The Kanes immediately made my feet feel better. These all-day recovery shoes, or “regenerative footwear,” are made from “a biopolymer derived from renewably sourced Brazilian sugarcane.” A foot doctor at the company says, “Heel offset of 9mm provides the resistance of pronation to diminish stress on the plantar fascia…the source of most spurs. The dual density foam provides the right amount of cushion and softness with equal ability to create a smooth ride from heel to toe.” They launched on Kickstarter on February 23, 2021, where the shoes are available for presale; they’ll be ready for direct to consumer purchase in early summer 2021. 

Evolution Hoodie from Coalatree. Chiweenie not included. Photo by Zenlana Berman.

Evolution Hoodie ($89.99) is made out of recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles. This warm, fuzzy sweater has multiple hidden zippered pockets and pouches for phones and keys plus a generous hood. By weaving odor-absorbing coffee grounds into the sweatshirt fibers, the folks at Coalatree have created a truly non-stinky piece of gear that is perfect for early morning dog walks. 

Run Safe Face Mask ($19.99) is a mask for running, mainly for warmth, rather than medial protection. It’s made of a breathable, sweat-wicking material and has a small opening for access to hydration and your favorite goo.  A bit more beefy and warmer, LavaWool Fleece Face Mask ($16.50) is a perfect layer for under your helmet or hood, made of warm, breathable, wicking fabric (also not made for medical protection, but providing some barrier). LavaWool has a series of masks and head coverings for many different purposes. 

Jiby Dog Crew hoodies for little shredders.

Purple Haze Dog Hoodie ($32) and other doggie gear is made by Seattle-based JIBY Dog Crew; their shirts use premium, stretch fabric in a variety of sizes and styles, including some very Miami Vice–feeling action. They also sell colorful harnesses, leashes, and these skateboard dog bowl setups.

Opinel knives are simple, lightweight, and can be customized with a personal engraving. Photo by Noah Katz.

Opinel Knife ($17.99) lets you customize by ordering a personally engraved wooden handle for your loved one. Think about ordering one for Dad this spring, or for whoever, it’s a great deal at under $20. This standard folding carbon steel pocket knife is “the knife that started it all,” designed and patented by Joseph Opinel in 1890, originally sold to farmers and train conductors.

Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max ($54.90) from Mujjo is a classy case for the frontcountry. It has an attached pocket for ID and debit card, and a lining made of Japanese microfiber, a lightweight fabric with a satin-like finish. The case matches the new edges and lines of the Pro Max, and the tan version features a leather palette whose “vivid caramel transitions to a deep, dark amber.” Mujjo also makes leather cases without the wallet pouch, and a line of stylish touchscreen gloves.

The antibacterial SonoMask, from Israeli company Sonavia.

SonoMask ($45) pairs nicely with the Mujjo leather phone case mentioned above. This mask is made by Israeli company that uses ultrasonic sound waves to coat the mask’s textiles with protective zinc oxide nanoparticles, “giving fabrics anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-odor properties.” The technology, they say, has been tested and proven to neutralize more than 99% of COVID-19 according to lab tests. I like the smart solid line along the top and bottom. HALOmask ($29.99) has two layers, one of which serves as a high-tech filter that screens out 98.8% percent of airborne illness, including COVID-19. For every mask purchased, the company donates a mask to someone in need. 

The Vanquish 440 metal detector from Minelab may start a new hobby.

The Minelab VANQUISH 440 ($279) is a metal detector that may spawn a whole new hobby—as a treasure hunting detectorist. The Vanquish “Multi-IQ technology” means it can look for a range of metals in all soils all the time. It has a waterproof V10 coil, audio control, pinpoint mode, and weighs only 1.2kg (2.6 lbs). This is a solid entry-level metal detecting machine, which can get very specialized and expensive. My plan is to try it out and learn the skill on some local lakeshores and then take it to campgrounds this summer to see what folks have left behind.

Blue Peak is Stranahan’s newest Colorado winter whiskey for 2021. Photo by Noah Katz.

Blue Peak ($45) is Stranahan’s Colorado 2021 winter whiskey, launched just before the new year, and a perfect treat when the work-from-home day is done (or in a flask on the trail). Blue Peak is a four-year-old, Solera-finished single malt which is wonderful on the rocks, or in whiskey-forward cocktails. They give you the option of nice gift bags and boxes when you order. Founded in 2004, Stranahan’s was the first modern micro distillery to legally make whiskey in Colorado, and an early craft whiskey distiller in the United States. They’re also a mainstay on the Colorado Spirits Trail.

QuietOn Sleep noise cancelling earbuds ($174) are high-end, Finnish designed silencers, made to block everything from snoring in the tent to a noisy home during the day. They include “push-to-talk” button for when someone is trying to get through to you. QuietOn uses analog technology—no DSP, no digital, no radiation—and the battery lasts for up to 20 hours on a charge. 

Herbal based hand sanitizer Plane Aire Hands. Photo by Noah Katz.

PlaneAire Hands ($6.99 for a 2oz bottle) is a moisturizing sanitizer with 70% naturally derived Ethyl Alcohol, which kills 99.99% of most common germs. It also contains aloe vera and organic essential oils, comes in a mist, and does not leave sticky residue or dry skin. Scents include Orange Pineapple, Sandalwood, 3-Mint, and a long list of herbal options. 

Most photos by Noah J Katz Photography

(Note: The writer received some product samples from the companies above for review and photography purposes; he was not paid by any company for inclusion in this article.)

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