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Trauma Tuesday: Mid-Air Skydiving Collision Edition

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So, this sky diving collision video has been running (or should I say flying? HIYOO!) around the internet over the past 24 hours. Of all the potential dangers I can think of that relate to skydiving – chute no open, mid-fall pass out, geese, buckle come undone, etc. – PLANES COLLIDING IN MID-AIR was not one of them….until now. I can imagine the conversation:

Skydiver’s friend: “Hey! I heard you went skydiving yesterday? That sounds cool. How did it go?”

Skydiver: “Well, it was going great, until the planes collided.”

Skydiver’s friend: “The planes collided? Like, on the runway?”

Skydiver: “No, we were flying at 10,000 feet.”

Skydiver’s friend: “Am I talking to a ghost right now?”

Skydiver: “No, I was wearing a parachute. Duh.”

A valid question. Amazingly, all persons on board were able to parachute safely to the ground, the the pilot of one of the planes was even able to land without much incident. The other was a fiery mess, but that’s beside the point.

Here’s the point: Always wear a parachute. Even if your not planning on being in a sky diving collision.

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