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Show Time!

Festival season requires gear that will both look the part and survive those long days of dancing, swaying, walking, playing, and lord knows what else. Here’s the stuff to up your game.

Kapai 3L Hip Pack
Del Diá

The hip pack is hip again these days—and this colorful hauler is the perfect choice for keeping a few key items with you during all the chaos of a festival. Built from recycled material, it boasts enough space for snacks, water, and an extra layer. The Del Diá option means the colors on each pack are fun and unique. $50;

Classic Jeans

The perfect pair of jeans endures all the songs and arrows of a full weekend of festival-tivites. Colorado brand Ripton combined performance denim with Cordura to give these babies the superpowers to take on days and nights of dancing, hikes, jamming at the campground, or anything else you want to do in them. $98;


We got immediate compliments from our yoga teachers when we biked to class wearing this shirt. Don it to stand out in the crowd. Plus, the stretchy, quick-dry fabric can handle anything from mosh pits to mountain bike rides. $90;

Barton 2.0

The perfect pair of shades is essential to your festival persona. Not only do these sunglasses look the part, they’re also built to handle action with nonslip pads and spring hinges on the arms and anti-scratch, fog-resistant lenses. Choose from a wide range of tints and frame colors to dial in your best look. $205;

Original Puffy Blanket and Everywhere Mat

Comfort is king when you spend a few days standing up and dealing with all sorts of shifts in temperature during a day of shows. Cuddle up in the classic, water-resistant OG Puffy with its recycled polyester insulation—it’s available in a colorful range of print patterns (we love the Rocky Mountain Sunset Fade). Meanwhile, the Everywhere Mat is what you will want to lay down when you stake out that perfect spot on the festival lawn. $125 blanket, $80 mat;


We are big fans of SylvanSport’s campers and trailers and the North Carolina-based band put that same smart engineering into this airy tent that makes the perfect space to sleep or just chill during those festival weekends. It easily transforms from battened-down tent to mesh-protected open-wall tent to sun shade depending on your mood and the weather. $432;

Catalina Cowboy

What’s a festival without that special hat? Colorado-based Wallaroo serves up a classic choice with this raffia beauty with Western flair that’s perfect for the scene from Coachella to Telluride to Bonnaroo and everywhere in between. $59;

Flora + Bast
This LA-based brand has focused its gummy formulas to heighten your festival experience. Try the Hypnotic (10mg THC, amanita muscaria, 30mg kava) or Euphoria (10mg THC, 500mg blue lotus flower) to tune in during a show. Back at camp it may be time for… well, Sex (10mg THC, 100 damiana, 100 tribulus) unless, of course, Sleep (10mg THC, 150 magnesium citrate, 5mg CBN) is your jam. $25 pack of 10;


Socks show your true style. So shine on, you unicorn! And, yes, SockGuy’s socks fit nicely and breathe exceptionally well. $15;

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