Saying Farewell to the Road

Today, Adam and I say “adieu” to the open road. It’s been a wild, bumpy, awesome ride full of unexpected discoveries (both good and bad), lessons learned, and bucket list adventures achieved. We’ll be posting more about some of these as we settle into our house (which doesn’t have wheels, believe it or not) and take the time to reflect on the past seven months, but for now, here are just a handful of the things we’ll miss about vanlife, and some of the things we won’t.


Things we’ll miss.

1. Waking up to roadside sunrises.


2. Hiking into not-so-roadside sunrises.


3. Eating breakfast in the forest.


4. Stumbling upon something magical (i.e. double rainbows). 


5. Spending a week in Fruita, just because.


6. Having your car camping routine dialed.


7. Answering weird midday cravings. Like milkshakes.


8. Feeling small and insignificant amid nature’s grandeur.


9. Driving empty roads.


10. Frolicking.

_mg_1662 img_7231

11. Getting your water in places like this.


12. Being front and center to Mother Nature’s stage.


13. Becoming intimate with new places. 



Things we won’t miss.

1. Forced roadside napping (the struggle is real).


2. When you want to be lazy and unorganized, but can’t.


3. Pee rags.


4. Farmer’s tans.


5. Getting this muddy and not having somewhere to shower.


6. Matching, because you only have so many sets of clothes from the same sponsors.


7. Having to pose for each other.


8. Mosquitoes. 


9. Being on camera.


10. Adam’s stinky feet.


A huge shoutout is in order to the 10 amazing partners we had throughout the 2016 Live Outside and Play season. First off, to Blue Ridge Outdoors and Elevation Outdoors Magazines, for supporting this crazy idea. Secondly, to La Sportiva for having our backs (literally) as the title sponsor for clothing and footwear. And last but not least, to Farm to Feet, LifeStraw, DeLorme, Mountain House, Crazy Creek, ENO, and IceMule Coolers for helping us out mile-by-mile, from the Southeast to Colorado and back.

YOU ALL ROCK. Adventure on, friends. We’ll see you on the road again one day.


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