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Q & A: New Intern, Harper Brown

It’s that time again! Time to welcome the latest intern to join the EO team.

Meet Harper. Harper is a senior at the University of Colorado. She loves to write and enjoys hiking and downhill skiing. She listens to Queen and admits to being a bit of a “glamper.” Read on to get to know the newest member of the EO crew.

Elevation Outdoors: What brought you to the EO Team?

Harper Brown: My internship with the Colorado Tourism Office brought me to the Colorado Tourism Conference in Grand Junction, where I met the Elevation Outdoors team. I was enticed by EO’s large, sleek magazines that feature skiing and outdoor adventure and embody the true spirit of Colorado. I can’t wait to see what I’ll do and learn with the EO Team!

EO: Where is your ultimate favorite place to Go Outside and Play?

HB: It’s so hard not picking Boulder, but I have to say Breckenridge holds a special place in my heart. It’s the resort my family and I visited most when we flew out to Colorado to ski. I will never forget ‘Rip’s Run’, where I first learned to love skiing through trees and pushing myself while skiing. Not to mention the cute ski town, winter vibes, welcoming culture, and most importantly, the crêpe stand called “Crepes a la carte!”

EO: If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring along three items, what would they be?

HB: Hmm… Well I’d lay out and get a tan first. Wouldn’t want to come back to civilization without a good tan to go along with my stories. I’d probably want as much drinkable water as possible (or a water filter), tanning lotion (just kidding, I’d bring sunscreen), and an automatic lighter, because let’s be honest, I’m bad at using matches let alone starting a fire with my bare hands.

EO: Favorite outdoor activity?

HB: Downhill skiing by a long shot. It’s my family’s favorite winter activity. We love to take two hour long lunches and hot cocoa breaks! But seriously, the experience of gliding down a Colorado mountain for miles is incredible, especially when you conquer that Black Diamond that you didn’t think you could ski.

EO: Favorite outdoor brands?

HB: REI gave me my first pair of legitimate hiking boots, and I’ve found that everything they make is high quality. I also love how their #Optoutside hashtag started a revolution on social media, and hopefully increased our mindfulness of spending more time outside.

EO: Favorite band?

HB: Queen, of course. Also The 1975 creates this pop melody, upbeat feeling for me that spoke to me when I first heard “Chocolate” on the radio in 2013. According to my mother, I’m infamous for enjoying melancholy music. But I think The 1975 is dynamic, and puts an interesting spin on somewhat sad lyrics. I normally prefer solo artists to bands, and I pick and choose my favorite songs from each band and listen to the same one over and over!

EO: Favorite beer?

HB: My Berlin friends will hate me for this, but I don’t have a favorite beer. I tried lots of beer while studying abroad in Germany, but wine is my drink of choice, always! Rosé all day.

EO: Last place you camped out?

HB: The last place I camped was in Yellowstone, Wyoming. The sunrise and sunset were something out of National Geographic. The mosquitos weren’t to die for, however. I have to admit, I’m definitely more of a “glamper”.

EO: Favorite outdoor athlete and why?

HB: During the Winter olympics, I idolized Shaun White, the esteemed skateboarder-turned-snowboarder. I’m not quite sure if the fascination was due to his inspiring life story and achievements or that flowing red hair. Your guess is as good as mine!

EO: You’re lost in the woods. You…

HB: Panic first. Hope that there is cell service. If not, try to follow the light!

EO: Tell us a fun fact we should all know about you.

HB: I love planes and travel. I think getting to know different cultures is one of the most important and enjoyable things in life. If money weren’t an object, I might never be “home!”


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