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Seating for 7! The Best Camper Van for Families

If you need the most seating and sleeping options for your family: meet the all new 2024 Doc Holliday 170. This Off Highway Van floorplan (pictured below) comes standard with the ability to seat 7 people and sleep 6. Whether you’re doing shuttle laps with your squad or taking the family for a backcountry adventure, this model is perfect for those that like to get offroad with more passengers.

Doc Holliday 170 Floorplan

The Layout: What Makes the Doc Holliday Unique

The Doc Holliday is currently the only adventure van on the market with the ability to seat 7 and sleep 6. To achieve this, our three-person, belted Rambler Seat combined with two captain’s chairs comes standard in the Doc Holliday 170 campervan so you can share your favorite adventures with the people who matter most to you.

Doc Holliday 170: Seating for 7

Less Weight; More Seats; More Beds

Not only is the seating and sleeping configuration unique to the van industry, our build process is as well. Using aircraft grade aluminum, we craft the interior of your van build to be up to 1000 lbs lighter than our competition. This means better suspension performance and longevity as well as improved overall drivability.

4-Season Comfort For Your Family

The Doc Holliday 170 also comes standard with a 4 season package which includes a Rixen heating system.

4-Season Doc Holliday Van

We’re extremely confident in this system. Our customers are comfortable even during -30 and -40 degree ski days in Northern Canada.

Play Dirty; Sleep Clean: Internal Shower Standard

Not only can you seat 7 and sleep 6, the 170 floorplan of our Doc Holliday camper van also comes with a fully integrated internal shower.

Doc Holliday Internal Camper Van Shower

With the addition of this shower to the Doc Holliday floor plan, you don’t have to worry about laying around in the dust and grime of the day; you can keep the whole family clean even when you’re off-grid.

The Doc 170: The Best Camper Van For Families

With seating for 7 and the ability to sleep 6 you’d think you’d have to give up your storage space in your van build, and we’re here to change that assumption.

Doc Holliday Storage Area

With the 170 Doc Holliday, you still retain your entire gear garage with a pull out cargo slider. This makes it easy to access your storage without having to climb up into your van and become a contortionist just to get Timmy’s bike out at the campsite. This tray can hold up to 500 lbs fully extended so you don’t have to worry about packing ultralight to save ounces.

Fully Customizable Palettes & Accents

With all Off Highway Van models, you get to choose the options, colors, materials, fabrics, flooring, and more that go into your dream van build. You’ll see some of these accents on the new Doc 170 build featured in the video using our copper sun river powder coating.

Doc Holliday 170 Accent Colors

These accent colors really come alive on this build being used on the CA Tuned bumper, the cargo gear slider, and even the full height internal shower that makes a real statement.

The Off Highway Van Difference

When you start to research van builders you probably wonder: why Off Highway Van? Off Highway Van is a highly-respected builder across the country delivering over 50 completed camper van conversions per year to our customers.

We’re large enough to have systems and quality control in place, but still boutique enough to offer the full-customization you have come to expect from a custom van builder. We know that just like our van builds, every one of our customers is different and we build our vans with this logic in mind.

If you’d like to learn more about Off Highway Van or get your dream van build started don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team!

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