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Postcards From the Weekend: Adventure Mobile

I live on the road. Sometimes in a series of connecting airport runways and sometimes from the comfort of the back of my trusty Toyota 4Runner. It’s those moments that I feel free. Stargazing out of my open sunroof in the middle of the night, and walking two steps to my make-shift outdoor kitchen to boil water for coffee in the morning. It’s home. As camping and road trip season begins again, I’ve been spending my days turning my SUV into my ultimate adventure mobile. Some days are spent measuring dimensions for an elevated bed frame. Some days are spent making curtains for the windows. And some days are just spent staring at maps—daydreaming about all of the adventures that will fall along the squiggling and swerving endless lines before me.

Photo Location: Berthoud Pass

Postcards From the Weekend is our weekly photo series showcasing images and stories from our adventurous and outdoor-loving contributors at Elevation Outdoor Magazine. Follow along and see where our team of adventure-seekers like to spend their weekends. 

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