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Top 10 Best Bushcraft Knives Reliable for Camping and Survival

In bushcraft, knives are vital and essential for any survival or camping kit. They should be small and practical, yet robust enough to meet various needs.

These knives must be reliable across all weather, climates, and situations, useful for fire starting, food prep, and even defense against wildlife. While essential, some knives outshine others, offering greater value for their price through versatility and dependability.

10. Kukri Lock – Citadel

The “Kukri Lock” that adds the power of the Nepalese Kukri on a bushcraft knife – [Image Credit – Citadel]
  • Price: $180 

The Kukri Lock folding knife is perfect for users seeking a compact yet powerful tool capable of handling many bushcraft tasks. Made from Bohler N690Co stainless steel, it is known for its strong, rigid blade and exceptional corrosion resistance.

This knife is inspired by the sword steel type that blends the strength and elasticity of the Nepalese kukri, featuring a central ridge that increases the blade’s width and strength. With a 3-inch blade length, it functions similarly to a machete. The horn handle includes a leather loop for easy attachment to clothing or gear, making it an excellent choice for backpacking.

9. Heavy Duty Knife GK – Hultafors

The most valuable bushcraft knife in the world for its very affordable price – [Image Credit – Hultafors]
  • Price: $12

The Heavy Duty Knife from Hultafors is celebrated as the best knife for its price, appealing to both beginners and seasoned bushcrafters. It features a thick blade made from Japanese knife steel and 3 mm carbon steel, achieving a hardness of 58-60 HRC. This combination makes it an excellent survival knife that’s also affordable and very beginner-friendly.

The knife’s wide handle doubles as a pocket knife and bushcraft blade, offering control and strength in cutting tasks. Its steel blade is secured with a super durable PP plastic handle, and it comes with a leather holster, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

8. Scandinavian Bevel Nordic Mora – Windlass

The simple yet very practical Scandinavian beveled bushcraft knife – [Image Credit – Windlass]
  • Price: $75

The Scandi grind, a blade profile with historical roots tracing back to the Scandinavian Vikings in the early Medieval period, was used for self-defense, skinning, fire starting, and hunting. This same grind is featured on the Nordic Mora knife.

Crafted from high carbon 1080 steel, the blade boasts excellent edge retention and a high-quality sharp edge, with a hardness of about 52 HRC. The handle combines North Indian hardwood and bone, complemented by a brass handguard, ensuring a secure grip for a range of versatile survival tasks.

7. TB5 MI – Lion Steel

The light and dark version of the TB5 MI – [Image Credit – Lion Steel]
  • Price: $199

The TB5 MI from Lion Steel boasts a large blade size but maintains the lightweight feel typical of bushcraft knives. It’s made from T5 Niolox stainless steel, celebrated for its robust, virtually unbreakable structure and resistance to edge wear, even during intense wood batoning. This design is not only suitable for bushcraft but also doubles as a tactical blade, offering protection against animals while hunting.

The knife features a black color with a stone-washed finish for improved concealment. Its handle is crafted from a single piece of micarta, providing a secure grip. The knife comes with a leather sheath, equipped with a safety belt to secure the knife in place.

6. Shark Lohmann PGK TW Walnut Handle – Kizlyar Supreme

The Shark Kizlyar Supreme knife fit for the European and American wilderness – [Image Credit – Kizlyar Supreme]
  • Price: $145

Kizlyar Supreme’s Shark full tang knife is an overall good knife for a variety of tasks from chopping firewood to kitchen use. It features PGK Steel Tool Steel, known for its exceptional toughness and edge retention, enriched with carbon, tungsten, vanadium, molybdenum, and silicon.

The knife’s flat grind blade ensures it can be honed to a razor-sharp edge, ideal for precise cuts and creating feather sticks. Its soft, subtle drop point also makes it suitable for stabbing tasks. The walnut handle is complemented by a leather sheath that easily attaches to a belt or backpack, with a micarta handle option available for those who prefer it.

5. White River Ursus 45 – White River Knife & Tool

The knife designers’ dream when it comes to everything from fire starting to everyday cutlery – [Image Credit – White River Knife & Tool]
  • Price: $250

The White River Ursus 45 is designed to support camping or survival situations. It’s crafted from CPM S35VN steel, praised for its perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility. This knife can tackle hard targets and wood carving, and its slim blade is also suitable for food prep.

It’s equipped for fire starting, complete with a kit for igniting kindlings. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort for prolonged use, and the knife includes a kydex sheath for versatile carry options.

4. Custom Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife – Perkin Knives

A vibrant and beautiful yet very reliable companion for bushcraft – [Image Credit – Perkin Knives]
  • Price: $75

This Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife blends artistry with survival utility. Its blade has over 150 visible layers, merging 1095 high carbon steel and 15N25, achieving a hardness of 56-58. This combination ensures excellent edge retention, making it a versatile choice for various bushcraft tasks such as skinning, whittling, and fire starting.

The knife’s durability is enhanced by a walnut handle, secured with two rivets over a full tang, offering an ergonomic grip for extended use. This fixed blade knife is perfect for hunting, camping, and preparing kindling, featuring a Scandi grind for efficient wood carving. It also includes a leather sheath, ensuring the knife is always at hand for your outdoor adventures.

3. Bushlore Knife – Condor

The popular bushcraft companion from Condor that is used by many campers – [Image Credit – Condor]
  • Price: $75

The Bushlore Knife is designed to accompany you on numerous bushcraft adventures, offering a blend of high-quality craftsmanship and functionality. Crafted from 1075 High Carbon Steel, it strikes an ideal balance between strength and flexibility, enhanced by a Scandi grind for greater versatility in camping tasks.

Featuring a blasted satin finish and a drop point, the blade offers increased adaptability for various uses. Its full tang construction is securely gripped by a walnut handle, which includes a small loop for attaching a lanyard. The knife is complemented by a leather welted sheath, making it convenient for travel.

2. Mora Companion – Morakniv

One of the most popular bushcraft knives on the internet that can even be found in gas stations – [Image Credit – Morakniv]
  • Price: $30

The Mora Companion stands out as an affordable all-rounder knife. Crafted from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, it offers both durability and corrosion resistance, making it perfect for extended camping trips.

Its handle features a built-in ferro rod in the pommel and a rubberized grip that ensures it won’t slip, regardless of the situation. This compact knife excels in various tasks, from wood cutting and fire starting to maintaining a sharp edge, thanks to its Scandi grind. This has made it one of the most popular camping knives that’s used by both beginners and bushcraft veterans alike.

1. Bushcraft BlackBlade – Morakniv

The small BlackBlade with a larger handle allows for splitting logs or whittling by the fire – [Image Credit – Morakniv]
  • Price: $50

The Bushcraft BlackBlade Mora is one of the top bushcraft knives that hails from Sweden, renowned for camping and its history of successful survival knives. Crafted from carbon steel, it features a straight, robustly thick blade ideal for various tasks.

This Swedish companion excels in bushcraft across all types of natural terrains worldwide, from the forested regions of the USA to the warm tropics of South America and even the freezing winters of mountainous areas. It’s designed with an ergonomic polymer handle that includes a finger guard for a secure grip, and comes with a polymer sheath for safe and convenient carry.

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