It’s hot. The red line on the thermometer keeps crawling higher and higher, slowly creeping past the 90-degree mark. But even in the sweltering mountain heat, the trails that frame Crested Butte, Colorado are alive with outdoor enthusiasts; some barreling down trails on bikes, some meandering, stopping from time to time to admire the rainbow of colors each patch of blossoming wildflowers adds to the hillsides. Back in town, Elk Avenue is bustling with smiling out-of-towners popping in and out of restaurants and art galleries, all enjoying the small town’s easy-going vibe and abundance of good food and drinks. I wander the streets alone, but they feel like home. Old friends and new friends stroll in and out of my day, and as the sun sets, with a full belly and content heart, I watch it — lost in the beauty of it all and thankful for small mountain towns.

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