Pack it all in a SCOTTeVEST

The SCOTTeVEST company out of Ketchum, ID, is changing the way be pack and carry our stuff. As the makers of more than 50 innovative adventure-friendly garments for both men and women, their lineup features jackets, vests, pants, hoodies, lab coats, hats, and even underwear. What began in 2000 as a small start-up operating from the guest bedroom of co-founders, Scott E. Jordan, and his wife, Laura, SCOTTeVEST has grown into one of‘s fastest growing companies.

What is a SCOTTeVEST?

While wearing any of the offerings in the SCOTTeVEST clothing line, you’ll quickly notice the abundance of stealthy built-in pockets, the size and number of which depend on the particular item. They provide ample space for whatever you bring along for your hike or activity. All SCOTTeVEST garments feature staggered interior/exterior pockets so contents don’t overlap.

The SCOTTeVEST development team did significant research and consulted numerous body mechanics and garment industry specialists in order to come up with a unique Weight Management System (design features that distribute weight and prevent bulging) to ensure maximum carrying capacity and comfort. And this is a key selling point, that the garments wear well without undue strain on any particular body part. Most of the garments also come with embroidered pocket icons that provide recommendations to help you decide out what to put where, in an organized and functional fashion.

That all sounds good, but I needed to find out for myself, so I set up an interview with Luke Lappala, SCOTTeVEST Director of Communications, to see what I could learn and perhaps demo in order to really test and experience the product.

The interview went well, and we agreed that being able to demo some of the SCOTTeVEST garments would allow me to write from experience and not just theory and that of others. The Hidden Cargo Shorts, and the Featherweight Vest seems most appropriate given the time of year. I received confirmation that the order was filled and that it would ship in the morning. The vest has only 14 pockets, as compared to other vests and jackets in the inventory that have as many as 42, so I figured I’d start slow and see what I could do with “just” 14. The shorts have 8 pockets to work with, providing me 22 in total if I wore both together. This is going to be interesting.

My Test Drive with SCOTTeVEST

Here’s what I received:

SCOTTeVEST Featherweight Vest
SCOTTeVEST Featherweight Vest

SCOTTeVEST Hidden Cargo Shorts
SCOTTeVEST Hidden Cargo Shorts











As mentioned, I chose these items due to the fact that it’s midsummer here in Colorado and quite warm to say the least. Shorts and a lightweight vest are perfect attire for an early morning hike, or day out and about in the mountains.

My garments arrived and I quickly opened the packages and checked out the goods. I tried both on and confirmed the correct size and fit. I then went about experimenting with the various pocket configurations to decide what should go where, using the guidance that accompanies many of the pockets. After a short time playing around, I was ready for action.

A few days later, the perfect opportunity to test drive the products presented itself. My mother was town to visit the family and we decided to take her up to Estes Park for a taste of the mountains. So I pulled out my Hidden Cargo Shorts and my Featherweight Vest and began to load them up. For a day trip to Estes, including some sightseeing, walking/hiking, and window shopping, I figured I’d need the following: water bottle, pocket knife, two energy bars, my cell phone, an external battery pack for phone charging, sunscreen, lip moisturizer, wallet, sunglasses, car keys, and some vitamins. I found the appropriate pocket for everything, and we headed out.

It was definitely different to not carry a backpack and instead rely on the packing ability of my shorts and vest, but I liked it. Not to worry about a backpack and potentially leaving it somewhere was certainly nice. I rearranged a few placements as we moved about and found even better locations for different items than originally planned. The small, Velcro secured pocket on the chest of the vest proved perfect for my vitamins, which are always tricky to travel with. There’s an elastic band in the right front pocket of the vest that keeps your water bottle (.5 liter) snug and upright. Additionally, there’s a leash for your car keys which is nice.

The more I got used to the set-up, the more I liked it. All my stuff neatly stowed in pockets of their own in an organized, functional manner. The garments wore comfortably even when loaded and are constructed in a very durable and stain-resistant fashion. All in all, I found the SCOTTeVEST products to be true to their namesake: quality and function combined into fashionable styles and colors that can make any outing simpler and more complete.

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