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Down ’N Dirty: Tasc Performance Base Layers & Leggings

The first time I was introduced to Tasc Performance, a performance apparel company based in New Orleans, I was snowshoeing alongside one of the company’s founders and owners, Todd Andrews, who was making the cold and snowy trek into Rocky Mountain National Park in a pair of jeans, a puffy jacket, and a giant smile. Having only landed in the mile high city about hour before, Andrew’s wasn’t skipping and beat, and didn’t let the altitude and thin air stop him from proudly sharing the story of his family-owned business and the exciting growth they were currently experiencing. Using a fabric finishing process developed at Tasc called BamCo®, Andrews and his team are designing a wide array of apparel for everything from running to hiking, to cycling and golf—and they’re designing those functional, fashionable and comfortable pieces for both men and women. I’ve slowly been collecting pieces from the women’s collection, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t wearing something with a Tasc logo on it at this very moment. Personally, I could live in the Nola Leggings, and I basically have been for the past few months. Made with a stretchy fabric composed of an organic cotton/bamboo viscose/lycra spandex blend, these leggings are anti-odor, moisture-wicking, versatile, and oh-so very comfortable. The pants also include a cool hidden pocket tucked into the inseam of the waistband good for toting around your phone, iPod, or keys while out on the trail. And since they go so well together, I usually pair the leggings with Tasc’s Elevation Hoodie, which is made of a 18.5 micron merino wool and bamboo blend. It has a high warmth to weight ration, but is still super lightweight and packs and most importantly, unpacks well during travels.


Tasc's Nola Leggings.
Tasc’s Nola Leggings.

Pros: The durability factor. Both pieces are really durable, even after I dirtied them up and used them for two weeks straight on a variety of outdoor excursions. The fabric blends for both pieces are also spot on. Both are incredibly comfortable to wear and have a flattering fit. Both pieces are also very versatile, and can easily transition from a sweaty workout on the trail, straight to a coffee shop or tasting room to meet up with friends. They also transition well in different temperatures. Both pieces can be worn comfortably on a cool mountain morning, then on throughout the day as the temperature rises.

Cons: After months of testing out the Nola Leggings, I can’t find a single fault with them. They’ve become one of my favorite pieces in my outdoor apparel collection, and I’ve become a huge fan. And while the Elevation Hoodie is so stylish, I would also easily add this to one of the most-worn pieces of apparel I own. But the Elevation Hoodie is so great at it’s main job of being a base layer, that despite seeming like a thin piece of clothing, the hoodie provides a lot of warmth, and when the temperature starts to rise, you’ll be the first one to notice—and you’ll be really grateful that the hoodie has anti-odor technology…

Where We Took It: So many places. The leggings/Elevation Hoodie combo has been a staple on my fall adventures thanks to their versatility. I packed and used the heck out of them on a fishing/hiking/cycling trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, after letting them dry out from a kayaking trip through Michigan’s Les Cheneaux Islands.

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