Down 'N Dirty: Skida Nordic Headband
95%Overall Score

Temperature regulation is a tricky one to tackle. A day in the backcountry can be an emotional rollercoaster of heat management, and proper fabrics can truly make or break an epic day of outdoor adventuring. I was super stoked to test out Skida’s Nordic Headband on a long ski tour up Mt. Elbert on a sunny spring-like day. It’s non-insulated, lightweight and sounded perfect for keeping the large quantities of sweat off my face that I was anticipating. What I didn’t expect, was for it to become my go-to accessory for just about everything. I’m not kidding, since I’ve gotten this little piece of polyspandex it’s gone with me everywhere.

On an early trail run up the Flatirons this week, it stayed on my head perfectly while keeping my ears warm in the crisp, pre-dawn chill. While I sweat profusely skinning up to the top of Mt. Elbert in the beating sun, it kept the sweat and hair off my face, wicking moisture and keeping my dry.

The Nordic Headband uses a MAX-Dri moisture-management technology, with a lightweight, polyblend material that is both breathable and comfortable. It’s a versatile piece, perfect for the spring when the weather likes to keep us on our toes. Plus, it’s so darn cute! It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Skida’s Nordic Headband comes in a variety of patterns, each more unique than the last. Men’s prints are also available.

MSRP: $16


Pros: It’s comfortable, functional, and small enough for you to toss in your pocket to break out whenever you need it

Cons: It’s not insulated so it isn’t the best choice for a sub-zero day.

Where I Took It: Skiing on Mt. Elbert, fat biking in Leadville, trail running in the Flatirons of Boulder.