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Eddie Bauer Releases Final Episode in the Must-Watch ‘Find Yourself Outside’ Series

Eddie Bauer’s content studio, Eddie Bauer Productions released the final short film for their three-part series, Find Yourself Outside

The latest film – Find Yourself Outside – Honoring Who We Are – explores the journeys adventurers embark upon within themselves. Featuring the life and mountaineering experience of professional guide and AMGAA President Angela Hawse, it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Angela is a force for good in her community, both in the mountains as a guide and mentor and within LGBTQ community as a leading voice for inclusive and recognition for all people in the outdoors.

Learn more about the campaign at and check out the other two films Find Yourself Outside – Imagine What’s Possible and Find Yourself Outside – Rewriting the Story of the Outdoors online.

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