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Down ‘N Dirty: Daehlie Wool Pant

I hate being cold; not a big fan. It doesn’t matter if I’m out on a trail in the middle of winter, or just lounging around the house — when it comes to being cold, a’int nobody got time for that. This means that more often than not, I’m fairly (usually very awkwardly) geared up. Whether I’m making the hike one block to get coffee, or strapping into snowshoes, it’s always the same: do whatever it takes to not be cold. Keeping the upper body warm is pretty simple. Throw on a baselayer and a puffy, and you’re good to go. But finding a durable, waterproof, breathable pair of pants that are easy to move in and still offer steadfast warmth has always been harder to come by for me. In the summer months, I’m a big fan of hiking in trekking tights, but when the weather changes, and its time to introduce a thicker pant to wear outside, I ually opt for snow pants or hardshell pants, neither of which boast exceptional ease of use and range of motion on hiking trails. In search of a more lightweight option that still provides hardcore warmth, I finally landed on Daehile’s Wool Pant. Inspired by Norway’s ski team, the Wool Pant will quickly become a cold weather go-to for activities like hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

MSRP: $195

Pros: Warm and cozy. These pants offer the type of warmth that I’m looking for, with a minimalist, tights-like design. I’ve comfortably worn the Wool Pant alone in temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 50 degrees, and over a baselayer down to zero degrees. The merino-wool-insulated soft shell provides a great deal of warmth without the bulk. The exterior is treated with an eco-friendly, fluorine-free Bionic Finish DWR coating that repels light moisture and dirt. While snowshoeing this winter, I took a step that landed just slightly off of the groomed trail and plummeted into snow up to my knee. Instead of dealing with wet or frozen pants for the rest of the hike, I was able to brush myself off and forget it ever happened. The pants stayed nice and dry to the end. The 3/4 zippers finished off with an elastic cinch at the slimmer bottom of the pants also ensures that you can comfortably tuck the pants into your boots and help keep out wind and water. The 3/4 zippers also make it easy to put on and take off ski boots if you’re Nordic skiing. To add an extra layer of warmth, the Wool Pant features a wool stretch insert on the butt for some extra insulation, and articulated knees which help make these pants easy to move in. I’m also a big fan the spacious pocket on the upper thigh that easily fits a phone and keys.

Cons: The Daehile Wool Pant promises a regular fit, which for someone like me that falls on the shorter side, runs quite tall. Since the pants feature an elastic cinch on the bottom of both pant legs, it’s not a huge deal, but I’m definitely dealing with a fair amount of smushed up material at the bottom of both legs. And while the extra insulation in the rear is definitely enjoyable from a warmth standpoint, it creates a little bit of a saggy butt problem, which let’s face it, is solely a vanity problem and doesn’t affect the performance of the pant in anyway. Otherwise, I love the look and feel of the Wool Pant. During high intensity activities, the Wool Pant traps sweat in the lower leg area and doesn’t necessarily breathe and wick as much I would like it to. A light baselayer worn underneath typically solves this problem.

Where We Took It: Winter hiking and snowshoeing on trails all around Colorado.

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