CityROCK Ice Climbing Festival

Coming December 4 and 5, CityROCK will host the eighth annual CityROCK Ice Festival in Colorado Springs.

This event began in 2006, when the old climbing facility was turned into a ice hockey rink by the new ownership. Because of the frigid temperatures, guests would joke, “you should have an ice hockey rink in here.”

Now, eight years later, CityROCK is introducing new additions to the festival. This year, people in the ice climbing competition will have the opportunity to take a climbing clinic from professional ice climbers. Will Mayo (from Erie, Colo.), Sarah Hueniken and Will Gadd are the three internationally renowned climbers that will instruct the clinics. These climbers have major sponsorships from Red Bull, Black Diamond and The North Face, among others. Also, due to the increase of women interested in the sport, CityROCK will include a women’s division.

Qualification rounds for the competition will ensure that only the top climbers make it to the evening event, however anyone who would like to pay the entry fee is welcome to try the qualifying routes. Winners of the men’s and women’s competition will receive $2,100 divided among them, depending on attendance.

Aside from the competition, CityROCK offers equipment demos from big name brands such as Cassin and Petzl. This provides the public an opportunity to check out the new gear for the season, as well as to introduce rock climbers to ice climbing.

It is expected that 200 spectators and 50 climbers will attend the event, which is sponsored by Hueberger motors.

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