Black Joy, Black Voices, Black Agency

Celebrating the voices of Black Americans in the pages of Elevation Outdoors

At Elevation Outdoors we believe the outdoors is for everyone. We also know that we still must do a lot of work—and look deep within ourselves and our nation—to make the changes that make everyone feel included. We are proud of the voices of our Black contributors. In solidarity with the protests for Justice for George Floyd and in order to raise up these voices, we want to share a few of these stories that have appeared in the magazine over the past years. And we want to stress that these voices speak to far more than protest, they speak to joy in the outdoors and finding the agency for Black Americans to create their own experiences and spaces in the wild.

Top photo courtesy of Patricia Cameron.

“Feet to the Ground”
by Patricia Cameron

How Building a love of the outdoors helped me reclaim the Black American dream.

“Hit the Road”
by Sasha McGhee

We live for road trips here at EO. To that end, Sasha McGhee runs down how she took to life on the road, and we deliver packed itineraries for our favorite summer drives.

“The Power of Community”
by Patricia Cameron

The author founded Blackpackers to bring people of color into the outdoors together so they could learn to go back out on their own. After a glorious weekend in the woods, she found the new group would give her the power to overcome unforseen obstacles

“Overcoming Mental Injuries”
by Joseph Gray

A physical injury creates ripple effects beyond competition and training. Here’s how a top athlete pulled himself out of the depression of not being able to run thanks to a solid support system.

“Role Models”
by Sasha McGhee

Meet Brown Girls Climb. This multi-faceted organization is getting out on the rock and in the peaks and not just getting more women of color and other under-represented groups participating (and having fun)—they are changing the perception of the sport.

Future Vision”
by James Edward Mills

Remembering the legacy of Adventure Film Festival founder Jonny Copp and seeking out new legends at the annual gathering.

“Well Meet in the Mountains”
By Adam Mitchell and Bryce Mitchell

When two brothers take the time to drive hundreds of miles to reconnect with each other in the high peaks of Chicago Basin, they finally tick off an adventure they had planned since childhood and reconnect to what keeps them going in a busy world.

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