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Announcing our 2016 Dog Photo Contest Winners

Everyone loves a dog contest. And when we asked our readers to send us photos of their adventure pups, we got not only a massive amount of entires but also record voting. And … we ended with a statistical tie. Two dogs won the grand prize.

Allie (pictured above) has hiked all over the Collegiates, Elks, Gores, and Indian Peaks Wilderness. “At the first sign that we may be going on a hike, she turns into a ball of excitement,” says person Jenny Kaspar.

Enzo (pictured below) loves to swim after geese, turtle hunt, hikie and play tug-of-war according to his person, Heather Bobbitt. “Enzo had the perfect mix of curiosity, energy and concern and was always ready to tackle the next hill,” she says.


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