Gear Review: GORE Running Wear 

GORE Running Wear tights
GORE Running Wear Mythos 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Lady Tights

Running in the snow can be fun, but you have to be outfitted for it. GORE Running Wear makes their gear to repel water, so the pants and jacket can be used for runs any time of the year — as long as it’s wet or windy outside.

The Mythos Lady 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Tights feel seamless on the skin. They sit comfortably high on the hips, with an flat-chord adjustable elastic waistband. The zip-pocket on the back of the waistband secures keys or a smaller phone, and the gripper elastic on the bottom hem keep the pants in place around the ankles. The reflective zipper that opens up on the outer shin is a nice feature, but make sure the semis-lock slider isn’t pressed directly against the skin. I had a little rubbing on my right ankle when the slider found it’s way from my sock to my skin. I like the pants for snow running and hiking, but they’re not insulated for extra cold days.

Air Lady GORE-TEX Jacket in Jazzy Pink

The Air Lady GORE-TEX Jacket is feminine with a longer cut, and it falls nicely even while you’re moving. It’s lightweight, so it’s ideal for changeable weather conditions, and it’s windproof while still being breathable. It’s a great jacket for layering. In the snow and running at about 20 degrees F, I wore a long-sleeved shirt and light vest underneath it, and it’s was warm enough but not overbearing. The hood is helpful for extra blizzard or rainy moments; it stays up even while you’re moving.

The visibility details on the pants and the jacket, like brights colors and reflective prints, make running on the road safer. Overall, pants and jacket feel comfortable streamlined, while keeping you dry, so the water slips away like the miles under your feet. While designed for running, the set would work great for snowshoe adventures (with gators over your ankles) and nordic skiing.

Kim Fuller is a freelance writer based in Vail. 

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