Telluride Yoga Festival

Who knew a tiny mountain town could contain the energy of two festivals in one weekend?

The Telluride Yoga Festival and The Ride Festival shared space for one epic, rainbow-filled weekend in July. If you haven’t been to the town before, put it on your bucket list. Telluride features several festivals each summer and lots of snow-filled fun in the winter.

A Festival for Learning
The Telluride Yoga Festival cultivated a space for learning. In contrast to some of the other “yoga lifestyle party” festivals, this fest hosted a panel of renowned instructors to draw true students of the yogic path.

While the instructors came in from all over the country, some of Colorado’s own were present in this lineup. Boulder’s own Gina Caputo, Matt Kapinus, and Shannon Paige each presented throughout the weekend.

Gamble on the Gondola
Some of my favorite moments of this festival were the gondola rides. Check out the epic views! Did you see that rainbow? The aspens are incredible! And maybe you land with a bunch of yogis traveling to their next class, or you end up in a tank of boozy Ride-ers headed out for cigs. Either way, the conversations were pretty entertaining.

telluride rainbowSan Juan Mountains
Next time you’re in Telluride—between classes or shows or whatever you’re up to—check out the incredible hikes. Touch a waterfall. Stack some rocks. Dip in a creek.

The Bear Creek trail starts right in downtown and heads up through a cairn forest and ends at a beautiful waterfall.

Bridal Veil Falls is the highest free falling waterfall in the state. You can see the falls from most places in town, and can rent a Jeep to get up to the trails around the falls if your car won’t make it.

Really, if you just start walking in any direction from the center of Telluride, chances are you’ll end up on a stunning hike with beautiful views and water.

Dress for everything. In the course of one weekend, I needed a raincoat, hiking boots, a puffy vest, shorts, flip flops, a warm hat and sunglasses. If you venture out to Telluride, plan to experience all the weather.

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